Are You Looking at Buying Women's Mountain Bikes?

Mountain biking, like many sports, started off as the sole domain of men (dirty, hairy, sweaty men…I love them!) but nowadays many different girls and women just can't get enough of mountain biking! You GO Girls! We need women's mountain bikes.

But if you are a female mountain biker using bikes designed for men you may have found yourself in quite a mess by the end of a hard day riding around a mountain bike track or a mountainside!

Let’s face it, us women are built differently to men and have very different needs when it comes to mountain bikes.

Below I’ll outline some basic things to consider before buying your women's Mountain Bikes Under 500.

Tips Number 1 – Our Body Size

This is one of the several times in life where being smaller than men is an advantage!

As I am assured you already know, most women are physically less than men. (I said MOST, not all. My friend Allison is 5’ 10” in bare feet!) Since women are smaller than men, it would only make sense that women's mountain bikes would need to be smaller too so that they can use the bike to its fullest potential without being uncomfortable.

Women’s mountain bike manufacturers have thought about this and have designed specialized women’s mountain bikes with smaller frames, better saddles and shorter handlebars that suit the female body in proportion. This applies to women's mountain bikes gear in general. It’s usually smaller, lighter and cheaper!

These simple changes to the design of the bike will allow you to easily enjoy your bike riding experience without lugging around a bike that’s too big and heavy for you to use properly or safely.

Check out my post called “Women’s Bikes – 2 Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Women’s Bike” for more information on buying women's mountain bikes and altering a bike to fit you perfectly.

Tips Number 2 – Lighter Weight

I’m sure I’m not unique in this experience but have you ever tried to get on to a man’s mountain bike but found it quite difficult to use…or even move? If you’ve never cycled a women's mountain bikes before then you have no idea of the vast difference in weight and ease of use there is a men’s and women mountain bike.

Most, if not all, quality women’s bikes including mountain bikes, are made of lighter material. This will reduce the weight and allows the woman riding the bike to handle it much easier. Add in the fact they’re better proportioned as mentioned above and you just know you’re going to enjoy the ride so much better than before.

Tips Number 3 – To Crossbar or Not To Crossbar

One other thing that you may notice is different on women mountain bikes is the top bar. You will see that a lot of men’s mountain bikes have a crossbar (between the saddle post and the handlebar post) and it’s almost horizontal with the ground. When you look at women's mountain bikes most of them are angled downward.

While these differences don’t affect or change the performance of the bike and of course you can ride any bike you want, this change in the top bar just seems to work well with women. I also know some men who only cycle bikes with a slanted crossbar due to inevitable injuries that can be sustained if a guy were to slip off the saddle!

We as women need to consider this problem too. Trust me while I say IT WASN’T FUN when it happened to me. I traded in my mountain bike for one with no crossbar after having a particularly painful experience with one.

There is one unforeseen drawback to having no crossbar though. Most of the popular makes of bike carriers for cars need a crossbar to secure the bike to the rack!

But no need to worry. Necessity is the mother of creativity, and some clever person has invented detachable crossbars so you can use these racks with your no crossbar bike saves you having to buy a new bike or a new bike rack!

Tips Number 4 – The Saddle/Seat

Check out any women's mountain bikes reviews, and you’ll discover one of the most crucial components when it comes to women's mountain bikes has nothing to do with the frame or proportions of the bike at all! It’s how the saddle is designed that’s important to a lot of ladies.

In general, the saddle for women's mountain bikes, and women’s bicycles, in particular, is slightly wider and softer than men’s saddle. Make sure when you’re checking out women’s bikes to see how they fit you (See post on “Women’s Bikes – 2 Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Women’s Bike” on why you need to do this) that you look at the seat closely because if you get a saddle that is for men the chances are you will find yourself being quite uncomfortable during and after a long journey.

A saddle designed for women is going to help you to be much more comfortable when you are on your cycling trip. This will be true whether you decide to make your way around on smooth road or uneven terrain. If you do not use the right seat, you may find yourself sitting on soft cushions for quite a while after!

Now, it’s not the top of the world if you find the perfect bike for you at a high price, but it has an uncomfortable saddle as it’s straightforward to purchase a women’s saddle separately.

Tips Number 5 – Lower Price For Us!

Not a tip more a happy surprise! When searching for women's mountain bikes in your local mountain bike store or on the web, you will find that the majority of brands available for women are cheaper than men’s. Hurry! Bring on the champagne!

Why is this? I’ve no real idea, but I have asked many store owners, and the 2 main reasons I get are a) manufacturers are trying to get more mountain bike women to buy bikes so are making the prices more attractive…and b) bike shops sell more men’s bikes than women's mountains bikes so can offer discounts!

Either way, we’re laughing all the way to the bank's girls!